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City Trends Miner (CTM)  is specialized data science arm of CERAiT Inc.including data scientists and advanced data analyst focusing on analysis of social media and organizational data and deriving valuable data insights for the purpose of business planning. 

Vast amount of social media data collected over time, your organizational data and machine generated data, can be utilized for data mining research, trend pattern analysis and trend predictions .

CTM's ThreeDome(TM) Analytical and Interactive Visualization Methodology, based on best industry practices, combined with amazing craft of our creative data scientist, can be applied to your structured and unstructured data sets to analyze  performance, financial, process, operational or any other data. It provides a valuable insights of your data across time and space domains, It brings forward pain points and bottlenecks in your process and identify opportunities for improvements.

Technology we use under the hood, R, Java, Python, enable us to drill in into your data efficiently and accurately and extract the golden insights.

Application Cases by Industry

  • Financial Services
    • Fraud detection
    • Claims analysis
    • Credit scoring
    • Price optimization
    • Customer retention
  • Retail
    • Demand forecasting
    • Promotions
    • Inventory planning
    • Merchandising optimization
    • Customer retention
  • Healthcare
    • Disease management
    • Preliminary diagnosis
    • Drug interaction
  • Manufacturing
    • Supply chain optimization
    • Product customization
    • Inventory planning
  • Energy
    • Compliance
    • Demand forecasting
    • Supply forecasting
    • Trading
  • Communications and other
    • Customer retention
    • Capacity planning
    • Network optimization


Advanced Data Analytics Services for Your Business 

You can engage us in various of ways:

  • Ad-hoc request

  • Ongoing engagement, as part of your team

  • Projects

We are extremely confident that you will be amazed by insights we provide.

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